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In 2013, our Founder began an international trade cooperative that focused on natural foods and cotton apparel from Peru. His dream was fueled by sleepless nights of dedication and hard work. The creation and ideation stages for each garment breathed excitement and inspiration into the company’s foundation.

However, our Founder quickly faced a real struggle: finding a factory that shared his passion for both chic, fashionable products beyond simple tee’s and caring for the earth and our ecosystem. As if that wasn’t hard enough, there was still the need to coordinate production with design, sourcing, and logistics.

The industry was closed and cold, and when he finally thought he had found a reliable partner, another obstacle would present itself. Non-uniform production quality, poor business practices, and high minimums, were just a few of the many roadblocks.

Time Spent Searching For A Reliable Manufacturer

Urth Apparel was created to protect designers, brand, and our Earth by providing trustworthy oversight and coordination throughout every segment of apparel production and sourcing. Our mission is to innovate and revolutionize apparel manufacturing, creating a system that cares for our Earth and promotes the well-being of all of its inhabitants.

This mission though, would not be possible without the many amazing people that joined the founding family along the way. Without each of them this would not be possible, as each one brought their own passion, expertise, and 75+ year family history to the cause!

From the patterns to the textiles to the garments, each of us here at Urth Apparel shares your passion for quality.

Are you ready to bring your product to life with eco-friendly production? Do you want to launch a quality brand that reflects your values and passion? We can help!


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The Importance of Morals & Values

Apparel Manufacturing placing Integrity First

What separates Urth Apparel and our team are our morals and values. We don’t preach sustainability for marketing. Instead, we actually care about our planet and we actually work daily to create garments for your brand that will have longevity and purpose.

Whether it’s providing first class customer service, sourcing a genuine and authentic Vicuna fabric, or designing your next collection, our team approaches every task with integrity, authenticity, and passion.

We really love what we do and words simply cannot describe our commitment to serving our clients.

Read more about our principles. While we recognize that these are particular to our corporate culture, we hope that our work family’s principles are contagious to yours.

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A Free Learning Center for the Fashion & Apparel Manufacturing World. Our team loves making garment, so much so that we would do the same “jobs” even if we were not paid to do it. Why? Because we LOVE designing and sewing garments just as much as we love sewing or sorting through tons of new fabrics. Check our latest in free courses, tutorials, how-to’s, and more from our online - and completely free of charge - Urth Apparel Academy.
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