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If You Don’t Love What You’re Doing, Don’t Do It.
Be Passionate about Your Craft

Principles & Values guide each and every activity at Urth Apparel. In apparel manufacturing, each day moves at an astonishing pace and we need each person our team – from the production floor to the administration – to act with good judgement.

This good judgement is embodied by our 21 Rules at Urth Apparel. These rules guide us each day and help us when making difficult decisions – decisions that will give foundation to the promise of sustainable, first class quality apparel product development and manufacturing for your brand.

Who is Urth Apparel?

Urth Apparel began with a simple dream and that was to help designers big and small see their dreams come true.

Our founders wanted to create the world’s most positive, collaborative, and innovative environment to foster and foment fashion design and sharing of information in fashion, all backed by our unique sustainable and eco-friendly apparel manufacturing factory. (Yes, we own our factory!)

Read more about our story! We hope it helps you get inspired or think of something new!


Our Fundamental Principles


Enjoy top quality garments, sustainably made by Urth Apparel.

We believe in doing things right or not doing them at all. Today’s fashion industry is riddled with suppliers who do things the wrong way and with individuals who are in fashion for all the wrong reasons. We love making garment and we love our Earth. Do you share our passions?

Let’s make Clothing that is beautifully crafted and that helps our environment along the way. This is one of our key principles.

Meet Our Team

Our team is the foundation of our organization. Here at Urth, we believe in letting experts do what they do best and that is exactly how we operate.

Our expert textile engineers innovate in fabric and our experts in screenprinting are always out to create the next coolest T-Shirt. Our designers in Milano live and breathe fashion. From top to bottom, our team is really passionate.

These special individuals are what collectively make up our family-first workplace and work family.

Don’t think we only do fashion though. Our team is pretty diverse and well-rounded.

From India to Italy to USA to Peru, our team has some amazing quirks and personalities!


Need to see it to believe it?

Call us now to speak with a real human. If you dare, maybe you’ll visit one of our facilities for a tour. We’re always happy to receive our clients.
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A Free Learning Center for the Fashion & Apparel Manufacturing World. Our team loves making garment, so much so that we would do the same “jobs” even if we were not paid to do it. Why? Because we LOVE designing and sewing garments just as much as we love sewing or sorting through tons of new fabrics. Check our latest in free courses, tutorials, how-to’s, and more from our online - and completely free of charge - Urth Apparel Academy.
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