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At Urth Apparel, there is a new challenge everyday as we work hard to create the most beautiful garments in the world, with world class quality and sustainability.

Urth Apparel is a global leader in design and manufacturing for the men’s, women’s, and children’s contemporary garments, all of which are served through our vertically integrated, and global manufacturing facilities.  Each global location is specialized for the design and manufacturing our Yarn, Textiles, and Apparel.  Read more

Urth Apparel Academy è un’università online gratuita, senza scopo di lucro, che fornirà agli utenti di tutto il mondo un’istruzione online gratuita sulla moda e l’imprenditorialità.

L’Assistente Foto & Video, CopyWriting, Media Digitali, dovrà creare contenuti per la nostra Accademia Online attraverso, Read more

Urth Apparel Academy is a start-up, non-profit, free online university that will be providing free online education in fashion and entrepreneurship for users worldwide.

The Photo & Video, Copywriting, Digital Media Assistant will be assigned to create content for the online Academy through: Read more

Da Urth Apparel c’è una nuova sfida ogni giorno. Lavoriamo duramente per creare i capi più alla moda e con la massima qualità in modo che durino nel tempo.

Urth Apparel è uno dei leader globali nel design e nella produzione di abbigliamento uomo, donna e bambino, tutti realizzati nelle nostre sedi operative (USA, Peru’, Italia) integrate verticalmente. Ogni sede è specializzata nella progettazione e produzione di filati, tessuti e capi. Read more


Urth Apparel helps sustainable fashion brands grow because we believe in sharing information, expertise, and knoweldge. In the end, it’s not about our factory, it’s about sustianability and the well-being of our Urth. How can you benefit from Urth Apparel’s Sustainable manufacturing and our Global Union Group of Partners and Suppliers?
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A Free Learning Center for the Fashion & Apparel Manufacturing World. Our team loves making garment, so much so that we would do the same “jobs” even if we were not paid to do it. Why? Because we LOVE designing and sewing garments just as much as we love sewing or sorting through tons of new fabrics. Check our latest in free courses, tutorials, how-to’s, and more from our online - and completely free of charge - Urth Apparel Academy.
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