Screen Printing

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Screen Printing

Screen Printing consists in transferring a stencilled design onto fabric. The basic technique sees the use of a stencil on a fine mesh screen, through which the ink is pushed to create an imprint of the desired design on the fabric.

There are many different screen printing techniques and processes depending on the final result and the material on which the print will be applied.

Positive aspects of Screen Prints are that the prints can produce very intense colors and precise contour, as well as the ability to be applied fabrics of all colors; even dark fabrics. Good quality screen printing produces artworks that are resistant to many washing machine cycles, giving your customers and your brand a good quality piece of clothing that doesn’t fade away quickly and instead, lasts with time.

The final designs can include just one shade of ink, or several. In the case of multicolored prints, the colors must be applied in different phases using individual layers and separate stencils for each ink. Whenever applying a layer, this needs to be completely dried before continuing with the following color application.

To realize the final look, the stencils need to be created, it is preferable to choose this printing technique in case of larger volumes. However, advances in modern technology allow us to screen print small batch collections as well.

The most common number of colors in one print ranges between 2-6, yet the possibilities are practically endless as designers push the limits of printing with their new ideas, everyday.

In case you are interested in more complex design we suggest considering Digital Printing.

As a resume, here are the SC positive aspects:

  • Solid and intense colors.
  • Many techniques and options.
  • Short Lead Times.
  • An Economic Option for large volumes.
  • Long-Lasting prints when done with quality dyes.

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