The Press: Snaps, Eyelets, Rivets, and more.

Do you have a pair of denim jeans? It likely has snaps and rivets applied by this machine category! Use it for conventional purposes like that on your jeans or for your own imaginative decoration to your garment.

Snap, Rivet, Eyelets, Application & Press

A Hydraulic Press is a machine in our garment factory that uses air pressure to apply trims and findings. Many of the garments you wear everyday feature snaps, rivets, eyelets, and other common trims and findings that require a hydraulic press!

Baby onesies and baby pajamas commonly feature snaps and snap fasteners, while your jeans, most always, have rivets on the pockets. For example, in the infant wear, snaps can be made of plastic or metal. The possibilities for these trims and findings is endless.

Each of these decorative embellishments that designers add to their apparel and clothing is something that is added by a human machine operator. In this case, a trained specialist with many years of experience has to operate this hydraulic press.

A lack of experience or a poorly trained operator, could be at risk of hurting themselves. At Urth Apparel, we believe in properly training our staff and taking the necessary precautions to make sure only experts are using the right machines.

The Snap consists of a pair of interlocking discs, often used in replacement normal buttons to fasten clothing or accessories.

The most commons snaps are composed of four parts. The part that varies the most in terms of material, color and finishing is the Snap Top. The last three pieces have a structural function and are the Socket, Ring and Stud.

Rivets are used to make cold connections, but their main use is as embellishments. Rivets are largely used into the Denim world.

Lastly, the Eyelets work exactly like rivets, but present an opening in the middle of the ring. This hole allow the passage of drawstring, elastic or rings. Eyelets are commonly used on Outwear and Sportswear.

All three items are applied with a press machine to the garment.

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Don’t forget, humans make our garments!!! Check out our page, Who Makes My Clothes?, to learn more about the individuals making your garments!

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