Automated and Manual Cutting

A Cutter’s Must: Be Precise and Accurate.

Small Batch Manufacturing requires a flexible and nimble Cutter and Cutting Room

Does it Matter Which Cutter or Cutting Room I Choose?

Yes! The Cutter and the Cutting Room are one of the key elements in apparel manufacturing. Your cutter must be a perfectionist and cannot accept deviations from accepted tolerance.

By choosing a great Cutter with the right equipment in the Cutting Room, you will be protecting your brand by:

  • Meeting measurement specifications.
  • Achieving the correct fit for your garment.
  • Reduce fabric waste and save money.
  • Protect your investment in fabric from waste due to a poor quality cut.
  • Properly align stripes and other fabric features.

Choosing a Cutter is a critical choice in apparel manufacturing. At Urth Apparel, our cutting team has over 45 years of experience cutting, both by hand and with automated cutting machinery.

More importantly, our cutting team is in house with our sewing team and all other apparel manufacturing units, allowing for seamless communication in your garment production. You can trust you won’t ever have to deal with a cutter who blames the sewers or a sewer who blames the cutter.

Fundamental Skills in Apparel Manufacturing: Manual Cutting with a Vertical Knife

Manual Cutting is the Go-To Cutting Method Worldwide

Manual Cutting has been around for centuries. Here are some of the pro’s and con’s:

  • A Flexible solution for new brands.
  • Efficient in small batch or large batch.
  • Fast and easy set-up; not time consuming to get started.
  • Requires a good and precise Cutter.
  • The principle drawback of Manual Cutting is that there is more room for human error.

At Urth Apparel, our Cutting Team puts safety and quality first. Each cutter must wear protective gloves, made of metal, so that they cannot cut themselves with the vertical knife. Electrical sockets are protected and engineered to run on a rail overhead, avoiding the risk of fire.

At the end of cutting, every piece is inspected by our quality control, ensuring quality and adherence to your measurement spec.

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Don’t forget, humans make our garments!!!

Automated Cutting Promotes Efficiency for Enterprise Level Manufacturing

Automated Cutting: A Modern Marvel using Circular Knives or Lasers

Automated Cutting is relatively new to apparel manufacturing and dramatically increased factory cutting room output. Here are some highlights of automated cutting:

  • Pinpoint precision in cutting fabric.
  • Guarantees adherence to measurement spec.
  • Lighting Fast Cut after set-up and increased production capacity.
  • Spreading machines promote quality and efficiency.
  • Can be difficult to set-up and requires trained personnel that understands how to use a computer.
  • Albeit less, there is still room for human error! Remember, garments are made by humans, not machines (at least, not yet!).
  • Automated Cutting cannot be used on all garment or fabric types, so beware!

Automated Cutting systems have revolutionized apparel manufacturing and our factories. There is no arguing the quality and precision. That being said, we are purists and we love making garment. We still observe and respect the fact that many quality garments and unique styles just cannot be done with automated machines and require the precision and imagination of hand, manual cutting.

Both are great options! Which one will you choose with Urth Apparel?

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