Sewing using a Lockstitch Sewing Machine

In Italian, the lockstitch is known as the “lineare” and it is the fundamental sewing machine with which the art of fashion begins.

Single & Twin Needle Stitch or LockStitch

Single-needle stitch (or LockStitch) is the most popular and easiest mechanical stitch made by a sewing machine or by hand. The stitch is clean, neat and accurate in aesthetic.

LockStitch machines use two threads, an upper and a lower, that are locked together in the hole in the fabric which they pass through.

The Single-Needle stitches are strong and durable. They are recognisable by a row of straight stitches, though sometimes a tight zigzag stitch can also be used, especially for knit or stretch fabrics.

At our factories we use Juki LockStitch machines and by company policy, we maintain all of our machines on the production floor under 3 years of age, allowing us to guarantee the best quality stitching and uniformity possible.

Single Needle Machines dominate the haute couture and luxury sectors, sectors in which machine sewing is complemented by hand sewing. Whether it’s a T-Shirt or ball gown, let our team help you create your next style.

Common Garments that feature Urth Apparel’s Lockstitch Technology

  • Dress-Shirt Topstitches and Details (Neck,Cuff topstitch)
  • Blanket Topstitches
  • Machine commonly used on many different garments/items.

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