The Future of Sewing: Thermowelding and Bonding

Our state of the art thermowelding machines and bonding machines represent the future of sewing: sewing with glue and adhesives that create flat stitches, waterproof seams, perfect raw edges, and incredible style lines.

ThermoWelding - Heat Bonding by Framis

Heat Bonding using tapes or films has become a hot topic in apparel manufacturing. Many brands are substituting thread and yarn seams, for heat bonded films that create a seamless look and feel for a garment. It is also one of the more expensive stitches in apparel manufacturing.

This particular finishing is commonly used in Technical or tactical apparel, Sportswear, Outwear, Underwear and Footwear. Heat Bonding Is one of the newest techniques on the market. By using the glue in the tapes and vinyl films to join fabrics, heat bonding allows having a seamless final garment that guarantees range of motion and freedom due to the added functional movement allowed by the bonded seam.

Heat bonding techniques are very complex and hard to achieve though. Here at Urth Apparel, our creative and production team has to constantly experiment with the fabrics and the films, tapes, and glues, before we go to production. As of this year, all new products featuring heat bonding will be even sent to our partner supplier, Framis’, laboratory for guaranteed adhesion between fabric and glue.

This is just one of the many steps Urth Apparel takes to guarantee quality garments for our clients.

For example, imagine that you are using glued seams and heat bonding to create a waterproof or water resistant raincoat and down=-jacket. Now, imagine if that trusted waterproof stitch or waterproof pocket, fails and water penetrates the stitch. In a military manufacturing order, this would be detrimental to a soldier’s safety. In a fashion setting, the garment can be damaged or the user’s belongings could be damaged.

This is simply not acceptable. Risks like this must be avoided and this is why at Urth Apparel, we carefully experiment with bonding technology before rushing your product to market.

Our partner supplier is Framis – check their website here (link) to get a better idea of what technology and embellishments we can apply to your garments.

Want to feature heat bonding in your next garment?

Common Garments that feature Urth Apparel’s ThermoWelding Technology

  • Underwear (Briefs, Boxer, etc)
  • Outwear (Wind Jackets, Down Jackets, etc) – The seamless technology guarantees waterproof
  • Technical Garments (Leggings, Vests, Shirts, etc)

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