Enterprise Manufacturing

Vertical Apparel Manufacturing for Brands that require the highest level of precision, consistency, quality, and intellectual property protection, across large quantities of units.

Custom Yarns. Custom Fabrics. Custom Garments.

Why Enterprise Manufacturing?

Enterprise Manufacturing specializes in apparel manufacturing for full container load orders and for brands experienced in working with our specialists to develop custom yarns and fabrics that differentiate their garments.
60-90 Days

Lead Time

Fast Lead Time considering Custom Yarn, Custom Fabric, and Apparel Manufacturing.


Custom Fabrics, Yarns, and Dying

Create a fabric that differentiates your brand from the marketplace or achieve your unique color: we offer Yarn Dyed, Fabric Dyed, or Garment Dyed.

2,100 Units

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

This quantity can be divided amongst various colors!

New Textiles created for New Apparel Products by Urth Apparel Enterprise.
Year-over-year average growth for Brands and Designers who switched to Urth Apparel Enterprise Apparel Manufacturing Solutions.
Sales revenue per brand, fashion designers with high-volume or large brands, Fortune 500s

An Investment that Helps Your Brand Scale.

Our Enterprise clients may produce a few more units per style (MOQ = 2,100 Units per style), yet this investment goes a long way because Urth Apparel will take care of every single step in the process, allowing our enterprise clients to focus on growth, sales, new product ideation, and their brand.

Enterprise Manufacturing has many benefits, such as:

  • Custom Garment Development
  • Custom Textile Development
  • Custom Yarn Development & Yarn-Dye
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Global Sourcing
  • Door-to-Door Logistics for Raw Material Procurement
  • Automate Production, allowing you to focus on brand growth, design, and sales.
  • And more…

Dedicated Account Executive

Our Enterprise Account Executives possess at least 5 years of experience in apparel manufacturing and understand that you need answers fast.

  • 24/7 – 365 Service
  • Unmatched Dedication to your Project
  • Expert Knowledge & Guidance
  • Advanced Technical Skills in Yarn, Textiles, and Garment
  • Understanding of Product Development

Sustainable, Ethical, and Transparent Apparel Manufacturing

Send us Your Tech Packs or Samples

Vertical Garment Manufacturing

At Urth Apparel, we believe that all cutting, sewing, and finishing should take place under one roof.

  • Specialized Production Line Design for Your Specific Garment
  • Our Engineers will create a product line, designed to maximize the efficiency of your garment.
  • Metallurgy to Guarantee Quality and Consistency
  • Our specialist in Metallurgy will hand-craft accessories, guides, and other tools for the sewing machines to guarantee precision in the most detail sewing techniques, promoting consistency across orders of even 100,000’s of units!
  • Experienced Sewers – Stable and Committed to Your Brand!
  • The volume allows us to choose the best operators for your specific garment, who can then be assigned to your design up to year-round promoting best quality apparel manufacturing.

Vertical Textile Mill

Our Textile Mill, along with our network of trusted suppliers, can provide expert solutions and engineered innovations to meet the most creative and imaginative ideas of your design team:

  • New Knit Structures and Fiber Blends
    Create your own fabric today, using Pima Cotton, Modal, Tencel, Lyocell, and more. Experiment with our knit structures (i.e. Jersey, Interlock, Pique, French Terry, Fleece, and more) to create your perfect textile that separates your brand from the pack.
  • Dye House for Garment Dyed, Fabric Dyed, or Yarn Dyed
    New Colors can be developed in as little as 10 days. Whatever your preference in dying, we can provide the dying technique and experts to guarantee quality, color fastness, and consistency.
  • New Techniques
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Anit-Microbial
    • SPF
    • & Other Specialty Functions


Scale With Quality

Enterprise Manufacturing is designed for you to produce any quantity, with trust in quality, on-time delivery, and first-class customer service. While our company is agile and can provide manufacturing at any quantity, our enterprise solution is designed for the industry’s most comprehensive service, tailor-made to fit the needs of the most demanding clients. Enterprise Manufacturing is a complete apparel & fashion design, sourcing, product development, and manufacturing solution.
Engineering Fashion: Learn the Science of Apparel Manufacturing

Urth Apparel Academy

A Free Learning Center for the Fashion & Apparel Manufacturing World. Our team loves making garment, so much so that we would do the same “jobs” even if we were not paid to do it. Why? Because we LOVE designing and sewing garments just as much as we love sewing or sorting through tons of new fabrics. Check our latest in free courses, tutorials, how-to’s, and more from our online - and completely free of charge - Urth Apparel Academy.

Choosing your apparel manufacturer can make or break your brand. Choose Good People.

Urth Apparel is a global team of passionate creatives who love making garment.

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