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Knitting is obtained by interlocking loops, called stitches, with the use of one or more yarns. The knits are characterized by horizontal parallel courses of yarn.

Thanks to the loops intricate interconnection, the fabric flexibility and elasticity is assured, but on the reverse, If the loops get broken the fabric could fray and come apart.

Knitting is the most popular method of manufacturing textiles, second only to weaving.

Different Knitting types can be classified as follows

  • WEFT (knitted horizontally) vs WARP (knitted vertically) knitting



The knitting technique can be used to create “Tricot Garments” (such as cardigans, sweaters, etc) or to realize fabrics for ‘Cut and Sew Garments”.

At Urth we can provide you both services, based on your request. We manufacture Tricot garments mainly in Portugal and the Knitted fabrics mainly in Peru.


A final garment in a certain color can be obtained in many different ways, by dyeing the yarn, fabric or eventually the final garment.

In all cases, dyeing is realized thanks to the use of chemicals, pigments or dyes. Temperature and time are two key factors that need to be kept in check during the whole process that takes place by absorption, diffusion, or bonding.

The number of dye types is huge, and each one of them is used depending on the fabric/yarn composition (and therefore the fiber type) or depending on the stage of the textile production process in which is applied.

  • DYED YARNS are used for making stripe knit or woven textiles or for solid dyed fabrics or for sweater manufacturing. Yarn can dye in two ways, package or hank form.

Preparatory process  → Dyeing → After-Treatment  → Inspection & Packing

  • FABRICS are turned inside out to avoid ruining them during the process.

Pre-Treatment  → Dyeing → After-Treatment  → Finishing → Inspection & Packing

  • GARMENT DYEING has recently become popular. This process allows to achieve various special effects and to have a low production quantity. The downside of garment-dyeing is the elevated costs and the possibility of having several units not well/uniformly dyed.

The Dyeing technique is not to be confused with Printing.

If you want to learn more about Printing click here.

Choose Good People.

Choosing your apparel manufacturer can make or break your brand.

Urth Apparel is a global team of passionate Creatives who love making garment.


This technique is not to be confused with Dyeing.

During the printing process the color is applied to a limited area with desired patterns while the dyeing process involves the entire textile.

At Urth Apparel we can provide different typologies of Printing techniques: Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Heat transfer, Sublimation, etc.

Each one of them has a different process and can be applied on different fabrics and/or garments. In case you would like to deepen this topic click here.


This process turns dyed yarn or fabric from “grey goods” into usable material.

The finishing normally refines on the performance, the feel, the look of a certain fabric/yarn. Basically the finishing are applied to improve the quality of the item in question.

Finishing can be applied at different stages of the textile manufacturing, based on the desired effect and technical process.

Some of the commonest finishing processes are: bleaching, shrinking, calendering, mercerising, anti-microbial finish, etc.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Control is a top priority here at Urth Apparel.

All raw materials are checked during their production processes and tested at their arrival at our manufacturing site. Moreover, Urth Apparel always lab tests the fabrics provided by third parties factories.

In case you would like to know about pur Margin of Errors please click here.

For the Urth family, quality is not only limited to the product.

Our workers’ health, condition, work environment quality has precedence above all.

We realize not-schedule inspections to our partners’ production sites and we will be more than happy to welcome you to our facilities for a visit – in case you would like to check our production sites.

We partner with companies that daily work to reduce their environmental impact and assure safe working conditions.

Research and Development

Urth Apparel constantly researches new trusted partners all around the world to whom collaborate with.

We put a lot of effort into finding new optimized procedures, and implementing our production processes and technologies.

This is a slow, yet fundamental project we are very proud of.

Check our Sustainability section to learn more about Sustainability at Urth Apparel.

Textile Design

Textile Design can be achieved via different techniques such as printing, weaving, knitting, etc and it follows the whole process of fabric, from its idealization, raw materials to the final fabric roll!

While all the printing techniques, such as the screen or the laser printing, give a final look to the already realized fabric, knitting and weaving accomplish a design given by the structure of the fabric, and therefore characterized by texture, and not for the printed layer applied on top of it.

Of course, due to development costs, technologies, custom fees, the printed Textile Designs result to be more economical and fast options compared to the knitting and woven ones.

At Urth Apparel, Textile Designers use computer-aided design software and the latest technologies in order to provide you with fashion-forward, custom, and cost-efficient options for your own personal project.


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