What kinds of Fabrics can we make?

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Jersey or Single Jersey

Did you know that Coco Chanel was the first designer that presented the Jersey Fabric in one of her Couture Collection, at a time when this knitted fabric was only used in underwear lines?

Nowadays, Jersey is the commonest knitted fabric used for garment manufacturing. This fabric is a perfect match for T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Polos, Leggings, Baby Onesies, Woman Dresses, etc.

It can be found of different composition and weights, depending on its use. Jersey it is recognizable because is tendency to roll at the edges when cut and handled.

Jersey fabric is characterized (as the majority of fabrics) by a forehand and backhand side, and the 2 sides are easily recognisable.


The interlock is a Double Knitted Jersey. It is normally heavier and less stretchy than a single Jersey.

It can be used in the same garments categories of the Jersey and for also loungewear.

Due to the higher quantity of raw materials used for the construction of this fabric, it is normally more expensive in respect to a jersey with the same quality of fiber.

Unlike Jersey, Interlock present the same hand (weave) on both sides. Thanks to its structure, this fabric can be cut on both sides and it does not roll at the edges, differently from the Single Jersey.

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This Fabric can be knitted or woven.

The main use of this fabric is in the Polo manufacturing, but is also used to create DressShirts, Woman Dresses and others.

Pique is a very durable and structured fabric. It is recognizable to the naked eye thanks to it’s textured surface, that reminds of a waffle pattern.

It is a breathable fabric, that holds its structure with the passing of time. It is normally more expensive than a Single Jersey.


The Rib Knitted Fabrics are mainly used as a complementary fabric for Jerseys, Interlocks, French Terrys and Fleeces.

The Rib fabric, thanks to its knitting technique and structure, has a higher elasticity in respect to Jersey and therefore it is a better fit for the areas which require such characteristics. For this reason it is normally used in necklines, cuffs, waistbands, etc.

The Rib is recognizable thanks to its vertical raised lines realized by the alternance of a knit stitch and a purl stitch.

There are different Rib structures and looks based on the repetition of the knit and purl stitches in different combinations. 1×1, 2×2, 2×1, etc.

1×1 Ribs are more elastic in respect to 2×2 Ribs.


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French Terry

The French Terry is a TerryCloth fabric.

Despite its membership to the Jersey family, the French Terry is very different in look and presents a heavier weight to the Single Jersey.

French Terry is characterized by a very smooth forehand, and a looped backhand.

This fabric is commonly used in hoodies, sweaters and jackets because of its soft touch. It’s wide use in the sportswear collection is probably due to its absorbency and good breathability.


The Fleece can be considered the French Terry brother, the difference between the two is in how the fabrics are finished.

The look of the outside forehand is the same, but the Fleece has shredded loops on the inside. The Fleece structure provides to the fabric a softer touch but less breathability in respect to French Terry.

The Fleece fuzzy internal part gives a fantastic feel on the fabric, but is more likely to pill over time.

This fabric is commonly used, as the French Terry in hoodies, sweaters and jackets but also for loungewear. Fleece is less suitable for workout styles.

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