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Why Do We Share Supplier Information?

Organic Authenticity: True Sustainability requires Unity and Transparency

Know where your product comes from. Trust your suppliers. Be one with your partners.

We are not afraid to share information and that is a cornerstone of our company. We believe that breaking down barriers and promoting competition is the only way to achieve true and sincere sustainability in Apparel Manufacturing.

Many incumbent suppliers for big fashion brands don’t care about sustainability and don’t want to change.

Meanwhile, so many newcomers are making amazing products, but just don’t have the network or exposure.

At Urth Apparel, we believe that sharing information and being transparent will help us form a network of professionals, experts, brands, and suppliers that sincerely and truly want to be sustainable – not just for marketing purposes.

So, we share info. Go ahead and try yourself: Let’s change the world together and let our products and brands create the world’s most sustainable manufacturing supply chain ever created by man-kind.

How We Rank Our Suppliers and Service Providers

What are our Certifications & Tiers?

Urth Apparel Certified Suppliers & Partners are evaluated for best practices in sustainability, quality of work, and customer service, just to name a few. Based on the outcome of those audits, they are assigned a Tier.

Suppliers can upgrade their tier by completing Urth Apparel Certification Courses and by successfully completing projects that end up in Urth Apparel Case Studies.

The level of certification cannot be solely bought either – Tiers are constantly re-evaluated based on real-experiences and feedback from real users, designers, and brands like yourselves!


Diamond Agency

Certified Supplier


Platinum Agency

Certified Supplier


Gold Agency

Certified Supplier


Silver Agency

Certified Supplier


Higher Tier, Higher Commitment to Excellence

A Higher rating means that the Certified Supplier or Partner has tangibly helped a customer grow, improve, or achieve their goal with satisfaction! Keep in mind that Suppliers and Partners may not have earned a certification or tier, in which case, they will populate after our Certified Suppliers and Partners.

COMMENTSThe Factory does not meet any of Ürth’s requirements. Before any other evaluation, the Ürth’s Certification Course is mandatory.The Factory is still missing some fundamental requirements, but already performs sustainable practices and has the will and the bases to improve.The Factory meets the majority of Ürth’s requirements, but still has some minor aspects / details that can be improved. The Factory meets all of Ürth’s necessary requirements.
NEXT AUDIT inTBD based on Ürth’s Course Outcome 3 months6 months12 months


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Urth Apparel helps sustainable fashion brands grow because we believe in sharing information, expertise, and knoweldge. In the end, it’s not about our factory, it’s about sustianability and the well-being of our Urth. How can you benefit from Urth Apparel’s Sustainable manufacturing and our Global Union Group of Partners and Suppliers?
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