Urth Apparel was born out of fashion and sustainability and to this day, we work daily to become the world’s most sustainable and largest garment manufacturer.

One division at our company, offers consulting, wherein we advise our clients on how to start a brand, launch a new product grow market share, increase efficiency expand sales from one country to another, acquire new wholesale accounts, and much much more. In fact, the topic list goes on and on.

What sets apart our consulting services is that we offer only real advice and opinions, form strategies that have been recently and are currently being tested by our colleagues at our company who also manage our brands, product development and distribution.

In other words, all the advice we provide you is real advice, We are doing it today.

We are not consultants who sit behind a desk and give you theoretical ideas.

Our ideas are tried and tested.

Since our core business is to build manufacturing volume, our goal is to help you do the same: build volume. It you don’t sell, you don’t grow. we grow, If you don’t grow, we don’t grow. So, naturally, we are in this together!

Let us help you today with honest advice and consultation.

Here are just a few common areas of consulting wherein we aid clients:

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Don’t forget, humans make our garments!!!


We believe that planning your finances is the first step to a successful collection. Do not begn your fashion brand without knowing your return on investment At Urth Apparel, we can help you identify your financial goals, budget and model. Whether it’s budgeting administration, fulfillment marketing. e—commeroe, inventory, or another area, we have the team who can provide real data.

Business Strategy

Some of the best products in the world, never make it to market Meanwhile, some of the most standard products receive critical acclaim and huge success. Many times, this comes down to Business Strategy Whatever your idea, the potential for success is there. The key is to plan your Business Strategy to align harmoniously with your products value proposition. Contact us for more details.

Collection Planning From A Financial Perspective Chenille Embroidery

Collection planning is often thought of as a designers job. CEO’s and (EMS will tell you that the real collection planning begins with Finance, Marketing, and Commercial analyses. Before you dream up your collection, let’s first plan your collection from A

Collection Ideatlon And Fashion Design Consulting

  • Do you know you want to start a fashion brand, but you are unsure what your product should be or what is popular in the Market?
  • Do you know what colors are going to be‘hot” next year?
  • Do you know what functionality or features clients warns it your region or weather?
  • Urth Apparel can provide trend forecasting, trend researching, and fashion design ideation today.

Marketing Consulting

  • How to Wholesale Your Products?
  • How to Retail Your Product?
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Web

These are just a few areas that are critical to your success and each one is a separate industry, all by itself. Skip the years of learning and lets us help you ID the best options for your brand today, so you can quickly go to market generate profits, and show your product to the world!

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