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Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable Fabrics mean fabrics realized with the use of eco-resources or realized with low environment impacting processes. The main sustainable resources are recycled fibers or sustainably grown fiber crops (organic cotton is an example).

Very common sustainable fibers aer Modal, Lyocell, Organic Cotton, etc..

At Urth, we believe sustainability can also be identified on the material life and durance.

Durable fabrics and garments, that last over washings, stains, experiences, climate changes, etc , they can only be called sustainable.

Sustainability at Urth Apparel

At Urth, we constantly work towards sustainability and do our best to be Eco-friendly.

There are everyday little precautions our team takes to make our company sustainable.

At our creative and administrative offices:

  1. Urth tries to limit the use of paper at its bare minimum and embrace a digital system organization. No more physical dossiers or paper storage. Everything is well organized and spaceless inserted into our digital system.The use of paper is indispensable sometimes, like the one for the plotter printing of the markers. In these cases, we choose to just use recycled paper.This allows us to have all documentation accessible from all our teams around the world improving work efficiency and breaking down geographical distances.
  2. Urth encourages and gives their employees the work-from-home option, when possible.
  3. Urth organizes monthly meetings between leaders from different areas to discuss new possible sustainable practices, and improve the old ones.

At our production sites:

  1. We select sustainable materials and collaborate with selected partners – see our Sustainable Fabrics section.
  2. We try to limit waste fabric material by optimizing the marker efficiency.
  3. We reuse waste materials from past productions for little items creation.
  4. We try to optimize our manufacturing processes and provide the best logistic solutions possible.

Sustainability can be identified in the raw materials choice, the production processes, the logistic plan, in our everyday work-day, etc.

We are always open to new practices, in case you have a good idea you think could improve our Sustainable program Contact Us Today!


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